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Yannis Ziogas

The work in a realm that explores the concept of travel as a spiritual way to escape and free oneself. The various periods of my work since 1997 (installations, paintings, digital works, photos) are exploring worlds that have just been discovered, notes from the diaries of an imminent destruction. The series of paintings Mystic Landscapes explores the potential ways to escape towards a world where I was deterred to find refuge.
The objects- installations are shaping the words- , while the digital works, the photos and the drawings are the notes that record the memories of the adventure of that travel..

1962 Born in Thessaloniki
1980-1987 Studies at the University of Athens , Mathematics
Member of the Artistic Team Co- Studied painting with Kostas Kornaraki , Ioannis Economides , Basil and Theodore Koufovasili Panto
Member of the editorial team PLUS
1987 painting for events Music Athens ’87
1988-1989 Studies with honorary fellowship at the Schools of Fine Arts : – Center for Creative Studies, Detroit – School of the Art Institute, Chicago
1989 Mural 200 sq.m. for concert venue Rodon , Athens
1989-1991 Master of Fine Arts degree with an honorary fellowship at School of Visual Arts in New York
1990 Lecture at the invitation summer program of School of Visual Arts in Urbino , Italy
Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts ( record election )
1990-1992 He writes the book The Byzantine Malevich
1991 Acquisition of title Master of Fine Arts of the School of Visual Arts ( MFA , Studio Art), New York
1993-1997 Current Realities and Geometries , Lecture at the Athens School
1993-2002 Teaches painting at the Art School of the Aegean in Samos at Southeastern College and Campus in Athens
1996-2000 Ceramic Mural, Agios Konstantinos , Samos
1998-2002 Co-Director , Art School of the Aegean teaches painting at the Art Workshop Halkida
1998-2001 Develop a group project in Workshop Halkida on the book by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities
Guest artist at Ringling School of Art, Sarasota , Florida
Published his book The Byzantine Malevich
2000-2001 selected to attend the International Studio Program (ISCP) in New York , participation is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Foundation JF Kostopoulos