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About Us

Jenny Tsoumpri, for over two decades, after her studies in archaeology in Sweden and Greece, and a lot of years of experience in the arts , is organizing art exhibitions and events, throughout Europe focusing on the promotion of contemporary fine arts, and applied arts as well.

In March 2005 she established the Π37 art gallery, a trial of a permanent location for the promotion of contemporary fine arts. During the period between March 2005 and June 2007, a lot of shows held at the gallery each year including exhibitions and events such as painting, sculpture, installations and prints focusing particularly on the works of young artists.
Since then, Jenny Tsoumpri Contemporary Visual Art Productions continues to focus on alternative activities and promotes the works of contemporary Greek and foreign artists that have already made a place for themselves in the world of expressionism and abstract art.

In addition to its artistic program that focuses on contemporary art, Jenny Tsoumpri Visual Art Productions, quickly earned a reputation in organizing art exhibitions and special events to benefit various national and community organizations.

“People cannot meet art in a specific location anymore; art has to go towards the people”


Jenny Tsoumpri


Since 2016 has been organizing the tidal flow art project, with a series of exhibitions in Athens, Piraeus and Syros in Greece. Today ‘tidal flow art’ has developed to a non profit organization, aiming to plan more innovative contemporary art exhibitions in a national and european level.