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Summer Creative, feel with the mind

17 June – 17 July 2011
Group Exhibition

Chiliart gallery

The primary concern of this group exhibition is the basic harmony and immediate viewing of all those that the artists want to express, is also the one that ensures consistency both between the different expressions and among artists taking part in it.
The above group exhibition initiates us into a singular world with exotic atmosphere and “flexible” mood.
The artists Natasha Gkana, Andreas Psarakos, Stavros Kotsireas, Georgia Bliatsou, Rebecca Alexopoulos, Thalia-Maria Georgoulis, Olga Kotsirea, Fani Valassi co-exhibit at an exhibition titled SUMMER CREATIVE- FEEL WITH THE MIND, where the real and the fantastic appear in front of our eyes with the image and the issues of a kingdom of things:
The Natasha’s (Gkana) Marilyn Monroe coquettish smiles on the beach ,the Olga’s (Kotsirea) fish joyfully swim at the bottom of the sea , the Rececca’s (Alexopoulos) bright well-formed faces shapely look with “meaning” Andrea’s (Psarakos).flower and fruits…..The Thalia’s (Georgoulis) svelte jewelry rests lazily gazing to the eternal sail of Georgia’s (Bliatsou) works.Around them soar warm and humid the landscapes painted by Stavros (Kotsireas), and scattered on the floor the painted shoes of Fanny (Valassi) waiting to be worn.

The entire group ready for vacation, let’s go with them.

curated by Jenny Tsoumpri