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Stavros Kotsireas

Stavros Kotsireas was born in Athens in 1960. His family emigrated to
Brisbane Australia in 1963, where he spent his early childhood; returning to
Greece in 1968. In 1980 Kotsireas started a two-year apprenticeship with
Vassilis Fotopoulos (stage and costume designer, painter and Oscar prize
winner for the set and costume design for the film ”Zorba the Greek,”) who
also became his mentor. Kotsireas first stage design experience with
Fotopoulos was in 1980, when he assisted him in the set design for the
theatrical plays “The White Wedding” and “Emikredes” at the Art Theatre of
Karolos Koun, both plays directed by Giorgos Lazanis.

In 1984 Kotsireas began six years of study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts
in The Hague, The Netherlands. There the artist specialized in Painting,
Drawing and Graphic Art and went on to complete a Masters degree in Set
and Costume Design. Stavros Kotsireas has presented his work in 33 solo
and 65 group exhibitions and his work can be found in many private, public
and corporate collections. The artist lives and works in the United Kingdom.

Solo Exhibitions
2012 – Hellenic Foundation of Culture Berlin, ‘Silent Nature’, Berlin, Germany.
2012 – Gallery Rehorst, The Hague, The Netherlands.
2010 – Great Hall, ‘Melina’ Municipality of Athens, ‘Silent Nature,’ Hellas.
2010 – Chili art gallery, ‘Silent Nature,’ Athens, Hellas.
2009 – Gallery MONASTERY of KAROLOS, ‘Dialogues II,’ Chania, Hellas.
2008 – ADAM Gallery, ‘Dialogues,’Athens, Greece.
2006 – Gallery P37 ‘Desirable Journey,’ Athens Hellas.
2005 – Gallery 91, The Hague, the Netherlands.
2004 – ON THE WALL, Contemporary Art Fair, Olympia London, UK.
2004 – ADAM Gallery, ‘Secrets of Silence,’ Athens, Hellas.
2003 – CCA Galleries, ‘Journeys and Encounters,’ Farnham, UK.
2003 – ERMOUPOLIA 2003, Museum Syros, Cyclades, Hellas.
2002 – Gallery ONE, ‘Internal Landscapes,’ London, UK.
2002 – AMYMONE Gallery, Ioannina, Hellas.
2001 – CCA Galleries, London, UK.
2001 – CCA Galleries, Ceramics, Farnham, UK.
2001 – RIVERHOUSE Gallery, ‘Colour Vibrations,’ Walton on Thames, UK.
2000 – Art Athina 8, Contemporary Art Fair, Athens, Hellas.
1999 – Gallery TITANIUM, ‘Dialogue with Nature’, Athens, Hellas.
1998 – Gallery ILIOTROPIO, Larnaka, Cyprus.
1997 – Art Halls ‘Odysseus Elytis,’ Municipality of Athens, Hellas.
1996 – Gallery TITANIUM, Athens, Hellas.
1995 – Gallery GLORIA, Nicosia, Cyprus.
1994 – The BARN GALLERY, Woodbridge, UK.
1993 – Gallery ARTOTEEK, Heerhugowaart, The Netherlands.
1992 – COCON ECN, Petten, The Netherlands.
1991 – Gallery WIMMENUM, Egmond a/d Hoef, The Netherlands.
1991 – AEGON ‘Homage to Klaas Schippers,’ The Hague, The Netherlands.
1990 – Gallery DIJK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1990 – Gallery d’ EGLANTIER, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1989 – COCON ECN, Petten, The Netherlands.
1988 – Gallery WIMMENUM, Egmond a/d Hoef, The Netherlands.
1988 – Gallery PLAKA, Deventer, The Netherlands.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 – Chili Art Gallery “Myths…Mythi.pEramythi”, Athens, Hellas
2011 – Chili Art Gallery “Summer Creative” Athens, Hellas.
2011 – Chili Art Gallery “INTRO” Athens, Hellas.
2010 – I.E.C “The Ancient Olive Grove of Greta, through the ages” Hellas.
2009 – Open Space Presentation, ‘Liquid Blue,’ Thestion, Hellas.
2005 – Gallery ADAM, ‘Sea Works,’ Athens Hellas.
2002 – Dubai Index, CCA Galleries, Dubai, U.A.E.
2002/2001/2000 – New York Expo, CCA Galleries, New York, USA.
2000 – San Francisco Art Expo, CCA Galleries, California, USA.
1997- ALEXANDRIA 97, Cultural Capital of EUROPE, Thessalonica, Hellas.
1996 – Royal Academy, “Summer Exhibition” London, United Kingdom.
1994 – Gallery AGORA, “Metamorphosis” New York, USA.
1993 – County Building, “Artists for Amnesty International” The Hague, The
1992 – Gallery 1740, Hagen I Berchum, Germany.
1992 – Gallery ARCHENOA, Warsaw, Poland.
1990 – POULCRI STUDIO “New Salon” The Hague, The Netherlands.
International Representations of Hellas
2005 – Florence Biennale, ‘International Contemporary Art’, Florence, Italy.
1994 – XYLON Museum, Contemporary Greek Graphics, Schwetzigen,
1990 – Gallery INKT 2, ‘Graphic Biennale Intermezzo’, The Hague, The
1989 – ALLARD PIERSON MUSEUM ‘Hellas in Holland’, Amsterdam,The