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Stavros Kotsireas


30 November 2006 – 13 January 2007



At first it was dirt,trees and rich colorsand the sun was resting , the skin of the earth .Within the womb , alive the sea and a sense of sweet lips .An inexhaustible dew immortality of this unique moment ,the coming of the second day ,the third night,and innumerable times .The land became sea , and the sea became the dream t he sea became land , and the land was the dream .

Stavros Kotsireas this presence completes the circle of his work , with thematic landscape painting . The artist himself says ” I do not exclude the future with concern again this inexhaustible source of inspiration that you get from nature , but so are ideas that girdle and t have to spend time .” Searches began in 1992 after graduating from the Royal Academy of The Hague in The Netherlands , and first presented his work in 1996 in Greece . In the past decade along with his international career , was recognized as one of the most important young artists in Greece.The titles of the instances of betraying the close relationship between the artist and the element involved :

” Dialogue with Nature ” , ” Nature’s Path ” , ” Potheino Journey” ” Journey to Nature ” , traveling through color ” , ” Secrets of Silence ” .

The landscape Stavros Kotsireas seduces our imagination , causes the viewer to travel through his work, in an emotional dialogue beyond the borders of the canvas , in a world without limitations that the mind knows only to travel . Our guides and describes ” The Potheino Voyage ,” works inspired by the influences and impulses sites visited , and especially a beloved corner of Greece , the Mani with Exohori village at the foot of Taygetos. Place that has impacted and inspired the passionate artist , not only in matiera , but also poetic breath .

Stavros Kotsireas with the delicate palette developed handles the color with skill and dedication, creates and recreates , transforms and creates internal landscapes .It challenges us to commune through the work of the stimuli offered by nature . ¨ All the best moments in the work of each artist . Is giteia inspiration and guiding concern . The report Stavros Kotsireas will enjoy the painting experiences and moments , eternal moments that define his paintings and ends its 14 years search .Stavros Kotsireas confides that ” Myria trees are fermented in my thoughts , like myriad seas , smells and dunes . Overalls , colors and contrasts , nature is love . ¨ Love that you get indestructible , and this little mine that create to provide rear small in front of the emotion I felt in in this cycle of creation