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Rolana Ceckauskaite “… do you think only birds fly?”


5 October-27 October 2012

Chili artgallery 



On Friday, October 5, 2012, Lithuanian artist’s Rolana Ceckauskaite‘s
solo exhibition opens at the Chili Art Gallery October the 5th, 2012 and is titled
with the question “… do you think only birds fly?”

The question posed by the artists sounds like a metaphysical one since
we humans are unable to fly with the resources given to us.  We can
only fly through our dreams and, of course, emotionally and mentally.

I have discussed the matter with others and we all agree that to be
able to fly in one’s sleep is by far the best dream. However, this is
not a dream but rather a dream-like imagery with real persons, things
and situations.  The artist tells stories with colour and intense forms
of a global and daily era. What precedes her works, colour or shape?

The answer matters. The poetic elements of R. Ceckauskaite are
elementary, but they need the elemental (elementary = one who gives
elements, elemental = relative to the elements). The outer reality and
inner sense of vision battle each other dialectically in order to
reveal new levels of her painting ability.

With one of the richest biographies I’ve read of people at such a
young age, Rolana Ceckauskaite navigates us in a world that is strange
and mysterious, but also pleasant. Paintings and pottery illustrate an
expressionist environment which is so intense that it is almost
delusional. However, her goal remains to provide the viewer with an
enjoyable “flight”.