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Oblique Travelers


10 – 15 December 2007

Passengres Building, Pier I, PIREUS PORT

Caspar Baum, Valerie Bregaint, May Kotsana, Stavros Kotsireas, Tommi Maekelae, Christos Vouyiouklis

jennytsoumpri artproductions

Passengers building, at pier E1 ,of Port of Piraeus is directly related with the nature of the artists as “oblique travelers”. The six painters/world travelers, decide to live and work in another place of their origin.The opening of the exhibition at 19.00 hours during the last sailing of a passenger ship to Rhodes island, marked the real meaning of our moments of life, as departure points for our next trip. I kindly thank Piraeus Port Authority for their help and support for the realization of this exhibition.



The artists:

Caspar Baum, German lives and works in Greece

Valerie Bregaint, French lives and works in Greece

May Kotsana, Greek lives and works in Germany and Greece

Stavros Kotsireas, Greek live and work in United Kingdom

Tommi Maekelae, Finnish lives and works in Greece

Christos Vouyiouklis Greeks live and works in Belgium