5 Mai – 4 June 2011


Chiliart gallery

She studied at the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris France and in the College of Enviromental Design, California, Polytechnic University. She also made post graduate studies in the Institute des Etudes Theatrales in Sorbonne, Paris, France. Has taken part in several group exhibitions in Greece and broad and this her first Solo exhibition in Athens.

The study of material from the artist is the essential for the accent that will be attributed in his final creation. The use of experience also from the various streets that that it follows, also is essential . It is a level between action and not action, innovative and full challenges. Irina Kalintzaki having convalesced from the repercussions of modern art, aligned the intellect and the subject, the sensitivity and the harmony reaction in the culture of void via elitism what deserves the supremacy and the independent expression beyond outside from the mass production and ephemeral. It created a unit of jewels- installations that functions together and separately. The objects become amenable, axes that affect in the spectator and accompany him with a feeling of emotion and bliss.
For her Solo exhibition taking place at the Chili art gallery through May the 5th and June the 4th by the title
“LUXURY?” wearable installations she remark 
“man began to wear jewels times ago, even before anything other. Fast the jewl became the symbol of wealth, power, social supremacy. To be avoided the coincidence the luxury with any current nouveau riche I draw inspiration form the pictures form the Past. Thus the Baroque or Victorian patterns ( forms) and aesthetic boudoirs Antoinette, Ludwich, and a few other ‘friends’ are perplexed in my own version of luxury. And while I kept the patterns (forms) and the archetypes ideas of these pictures, I used cheap materials as paper, timber, or buckram. With a theatrical puerility the materials disguised and imply a diachronic luxury. Thus the paper transforms in lace and the timber in diamond. Attributing my figurative with one dose of humour or even irony the jewels- installations deposit a comment in the current reality of superstructure and the social award via the material goods that could be summarised in the well known dictum “errare humanum est” which means that taking amiss is human.

curated by Jenny Tsoumpri