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The Cultural & Sports Organization of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni at the Ionian Festival 2020
will present the tidalflowart exhibition

GEO philosophy 

A multi sensory celebration


4 – 20 September 2020

Park of Nea Smyrni

The GEO philosophy project is a proposal of ecological awakening which is approached by the visual arts community, and aims at visualizing ecological awareness through a social-dynamic form.  The project includes the creative approach of artists as regards the violent change of the landscape due to human activity. It is an investigation into the proportion of the environmental problem with images that show the effects of the human footprint on the landscape, which is changing rapidly and not for our benefit. 

Man’s authoritarian relationship with the environment, especially in recent years, has been the drive behind the symbolic actions of intervention we have taken to date. The first such action took place in the island of Fleves (Vouliagmeni). The object of the intervention was the use of garbage that had been collected from the island in October 2018 by artists in order to create a series of presentations, art events and workshops aimed at enforcing the ecological awareness of the public. 

Modern works of art leave the privacy of the ateliers of their creators, with material that society uses and rejects, and are transferred to the city and public spaces. Our next intervention was in the wetland of Aegion (Achaia Peloponesse) , which lost the NATURA title due to the amount of garbage it had. 

The team of artists participating in the GEO philosophy project and Tidal Flow Art (urban non-profit social arts company), who coordinates the team, submit ideas, create projects, get in touch with the public, train and are trained through a process concerning the exploration of ecological consciousness, while asking the questions: What can we change? Where can we start from in order to be substantial in our attitude towards the environment in which we exist? 

How can art help with this and become a carrier of communication with substantial results? These questions create the axes on which the visual artists based their creations, given that the purpose of the project is social and is based on data collection with specific results, which will be evaluated and reclaimed by the community through the use of art as a methodological tool for intervention.