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Eirini Pagoni

Chiliart gallery
26/11/2010 – 09/01/2011“Not the Old, not the new But the necessary” (Tatlin)

Eirini Pagoni is not in need of promotion as an artist as she has had a long and successful career in the plastic and classical art world both in Greece and abroad.

Her works show that she is wonderfully versatile as an artist in the widest possible sense, from painting or dance forms, video art, stage and interior design and much more.
Her artistic adventure required exceptional diligence with exceptional diligence with disciplined preparation so as to create the artistic “wholeness” of the concept .
For example the forms, the materials, the functions and the method in which the matter is used produce from her vibrant imagination an optical encyclopedia which is reenergized with every object she produces.
So every-day objects become “Objects d’art” from her vivid re-invention and the new forms and design. In other words products that are found in every home are there, carpets, flowers, lighting, table linen, all become in her hands a combinations of art and design.

The brilliance is in the mutation. From the slashed diagonal lines in carpets, to the architectural structure of everyday necessities , this exhibition says it all.

curator, Jenny Tsoumpri