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d.k.d. Space-Man-Motion

Greek Embassy Brussels, Belgium

September 15 – 25, 2004

Erika Douralis, Penelope Kouvara, Kostas Daktylidis

jennytsoumpri artproductions

The artists, each one within his own field of research “Space-Man-Motion” narrate their own stories, ignoring the verbal and forming them visually.

Penelope Kouvara’s human figures observe themselves and at the same time observe us. Erika Douralis’ big open air spaces develop a hidden narration and leave space to thought, while Kostas Daktylidis’ “moving” pictures start from a realistic representation, registering real facts (documentary tradition) and adding a new perspective to the existence.

Different spirits that accomplish, affirm, add or question and prove the continuum reviewing and redefinition of contemporary art.