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Christos Konstantellos


12 October – 3 November 2006


The Π37ar  gallery has presented his  works previously as he had participated  in the exhibition Pierre Alechinsky teacher and students, as Chris Kostantellos was one of  his student.

The artist was born in Karditsa but he  lives  for many years now  in France where he studied at the Ecole Superieure des beaux Arts by this great teacher. Since then he paints, while he  also works as a scenogpapher and costume designe in the  theater. When he paints he chooses to capture the coherence in large scale canvases and he  moves between abstraction and expressionism using expressive elements from both vocabularies. He  uses bright colors that often leaves flowing mixed  streams vertically. Traces distinguished undiagnosed forms or forms sometimes intensely deformed and shaped.

Improvises, selpsycoanalysis and discharges the passions both of  soul and mind of these compositions
that the hidden scenario makes the action unfold across the painting surface.