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Be-SIDE Zaxos Stathopoulos


6 April – 5 May 2012

FurnitureChiliart gallery

curated by jenny tsoumpri

Zaxos Stathopoulos, founder of Zound Systems Studio (ZSS), presents for the first time the conceptual work that is hidden inside the furniture. The experimental manufacturing techniques, the personal aesthetic language and the undetermined commercial specifications, clarify the vague space between design and the applied arts.

The exhibition Zaxos Stathopoulos – BeSIDE will be presenting objects they were produced between 2010 -2012 as prototypes or applications for the commercial series of ZS Studio. Furniture that until now had never exited the studio’s doors and were available only to visitors, who wanted to have a better understanding of a Modern Greek design office that specializes on hand made objects.

The majority of the exhibited work does not follow any conventional manufacturing methods but has been constructed by simple materials bonded together with modern techniques, leading to the emergence of new applications and form redefinitions. Thus, the evolution process of the raw materials per se enriches the story that is hidden behind any limited edition furniture.

Be-SIDE Zaxos Stathopoulos-jenny-tsoumpri-art-productions-1